Oleg Ivanov

Web CTO, team leader and full service web tech consultant

I can help you to build a prototype of your next project, get your startup off the ground, or join your team and help you move forward with the speed of light.

I am a motivated and passionate CTO, WEB PROJECT LEADER AND SOFTWARE ENGINEER with over 10 years of real-life experience with numerous successful launches of production projects. Hands-on experience in the various fields associated with web development, from system administration to project bootstrapping, technology management and communications.

Personal Information

Date of birth
June 29th, 1981
Current location
Sydney, Australia
Spoken languages
Russian (native), English (fluent), Greek (basic)


2017 - now

CTO @ RSP Entertainment N.V.

In 2017 I returned to RSP Entertainment to take on a full-time CTO role and lead the company through the next stage of its growth

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2017 - now

Tech Consulting services

I provide technology leadership, management and consulting services to companies operating online in challenging environments - fintech, govtech, gambling, compliance.

2016 - 2017

CTO of Onefill @ Maxwell Forest

I joined Maxwell Forest to help it build Onefill mobile wallet product, and stood at the forefront of the pivoting product ideas during that period. Maxwell Forest was working closely with international banks to push customer experience with mobile wallets, and to leverage everything that modern fintech has to offer to make customers more efficient and safe.

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2011 - 2016

CTO, Team Leader and Senior Developer @ JN Solutions

I was invited to join the company from overseas as lead developer, and since than has been involved in a development of complex CRM application in extremely domain knowledge heavy industry of Australian employment services. Leading the expansion of the company with its CRM product into other niches and industries.

After being promoted to CTO in 2012, built new great team to ensure the leading position of the product across all Australian markets.

Pivoted team management and workflow processes, introducing ISO and ISM compliant planning and delivery cycles.

Successfully lead the team through project scaling, shaping the product and infrastructure to perform with the system load increasing tenfolds, and introducing new data analytics and system visualisation tools to allow for effective system management at scale.

In 2015 led the migration of business infrastructure into a fully containerised cloud environment. New production platform is powered by a cutting-edge set of modern tools - Docker, Fleet and CoreOS - and running on a large scale OpenStack based private cloud. This resulted in significantly increased flexibility for the business, and high availability of the platform for all customers.

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2007 - 2011

Software Engineer and Technology Lead @ RSP Entertainment N.V.

Joined the company as technology manager after working as an offsite consultant, successfully leading it through a number of significant changes in its products and offerings and making sure that any major internal technological changes do not affect customers' experience and positive sales growth.

Started as a single developer on staff, and grew with the company towards technology leadership position, successfully assisting all other departments with in-depth technological knowledge and providing them with tools and insights needed to successfully perform their jobs.

Being the main point of contact on all technological issues between the company and its partners and customers, ensured clear and efficient communications to provide for unrestricted and rapid products development together with any involved third parties and customers.

Evolved company's online infrastructure, both hardware and software, by identifying and resolving existing sources of problems, and making sure the team is able to effective use the best tools available for the tasks at hand and the resources are tailored towards the current needs of the company.

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2006 - 2011

Web and Infrastructure Consultant @ EverEZ Systems

Provided hands-on technological support for evolving online environment of the innovative software product (EverDesk), ensuring seamless customer experience during numerous changes in the underlying technology, and support core software's team with web and backend tools.

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2007 - 2011

Technology Lead and Primary Developer @ AeroStatus Corporation

Built the initial version of the information service in a startup environment, and successfully led it through a number of revised editions, resulting in the current successful and popular product that involved dozens of airports and airlines, providing realtime flight information for the passengers and any related parties.

Demonstrated strong communication and issue management skills negotiating data retrieval procedures with third parties (airports and airlines) using different back-end system, providing necessary middle ground to successfully integrate all of them into the service.

After the successful launch of the product moved onto offsite consultant role, ensuring stable development of the project.

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2004 - 2007

IT Lead @ Dugtrio, Ltd

Successfully built and delivered the platform for mobile-oriented SMS-based information and entertainment services, putting the company at the forefront of the mobile entertainment industry in Cyprus.

Managed and oversaw all IT operations of the company, including software development and IT-related communications with business partners.

2005 - 2009

Technology and Community Leader @ AnimeReactor.ru

Joined the community as a regular member at the early stages of it's growth, and helped it evolve and shape into effective operations involving thousands of active members and hundreds of contributors.

Designed and bootstrapped a number of teams and processes, including Quality Assurance review procedures, led the teams initially to battle-proof the procedures and to establish and coach successive leadership.

Stood up as the community leader during the change of leadership, resolving all ongoing disputes and conflicts and ensuring the survival of the community, and later identifying and establishing successive leadership change.

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1998 - 2002

SysOps Team Leader @ Altay State University

Managed and developed the network and systems at the Physics Department of Altay State University, demonstrating the ability to adapt and learn in quickly evolving educational environment.

Education & Certification

Feb, 2015

Machine Learning Summer School

at NICTA in Sydney

Aug, 2006

Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE)

1997 - 2002

Altay State University, Russia

Master of Science Degree in Radiophysics, with honors. Specialized in Information Systems and Technologies.


Software Development

Web Engineering
Over 10 years of hands-on experience building all kinds of web projects and applications. Hands-on experience with:
  • internet and extranet systems, B2C and B2B services;
  • major system upgrades and overhauls, with minimal impact on ongoing processes;
  • building complete web stacks and infrastructures tailored towards specific project’s needs;
  • building decoupled distributed systems;
  • troubleshooting and optimising existing systems - identifying bottlenecks, architecting and implementing necessary solutions;
  • creating cross-platform and cross-language solutions, bringing together the best parts of existing and new platforms and languages;
  • building interoperability solutions in highly heterogenous environments, allowing for the integration with all involved systems and platforms.
Web Project Management
over 5 years of experience in leading lean agile and distributed teams towards successful product launches on time and on budget
System Administration
strong core skills in Linux system administration tailored towards building web stacks, with the proven ability of building and maintaining web servers and stacks to support the needs of a product and the team
Effective Communications
proven track record in acting as the point of contact at the company for all technological partners and business stakeholders, ensuring effective and precise information delivery and management

Core Technologies

Ruby/Ruby on Rails
expert level, over 5 years of experience developing commercial projects
Go language
production level, with multiple commercial projects developed and successfully running at scale
expert level, over 10 years of experience developing commercial and community projects
advanced level, over 11 years of system administration, started in highly heterogenous environments and tailored towards the needs of web applications and web stacks
advanced level, over 10 years of using the database for commercial and community projects of various sizes and needs
Continuous integration and cloud architecture
advanced level, over 7 years of building production web stacks and deploying applications, lately - with custom Ruby on Rails + Capistrano + Monit based solutions with a focus on high availability and continuous zero-downtime delivery. Lately I have been working a lot with Docker and cloud infrastructures.

Team Management

Successfully built and lead multiple team, including geographically distributed and culturally diverse teams of developers coming from vastly varied backgrounds.

Experienced in small agile teams operating in startup environment, with a focus on rapid product development and quick turnaround in an atmosphere of constantly changing requirements.


Oleg performed his tasks with competence and confidence, and showed the ability to understand and clearly express technical goals and targets, and to work towards them within given timeframes and budgets. His solid technical background and deep knowledge of modern internet technologies helped us to stay ahead of the competition by developing innovative projects and confidently adapting to changing markets.

Oleg's extensive technical skills and problem-soving abilities proved to be invaluable in resolving many challenges faced by our company.

Vladimir Spirine | Director @ EverEZ Systems

Oleg consistently demonstrated the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines. His strong technical background and extensive technological knowledge is reflected in the high quality of his work. His organisational and project management skills, together with his critical thinking, allow him to quickly and successfully resolve problems.

Oleg instills confidence though his ability to successfully lead employees and advance our technical operations. Jacob Karam | Director @ RSP Entertainment N.V.


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